Overhaul Chemical Cleaning

We recommend this overhaul chemical cleaning service especially for airconds that have not been cleaned or serviced in a long time. This comprehensive cleaning method includes cleaning of the condenser coil, blower wheel and blade, condensate water drainage system, as well as a thorough chemical cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit. We will be dismantling the indoor unit and washing aircond parts with chemicals to remove the dirt and grime from the water tray. This service also includes lubrication of motor parts and heat timing calculation.

Our service engineers will also perform an inspection and health check of thermostats and outdoor compressor, and flushing of drainage piping and drain pan. Moreover, we will ensure the total clearance of clog while checking and testing electrical parts and components. It helps to keep your electricity bill grounded since there will be less build up that interrupts the airflow.

In Summary, Overhaul Chemical Cleaning means General Cleaning Service Above + Full Dismantling Indoor Unit and Chemical Cleaning of Indoor & Outdoor Unit which Includes:-

General Cleaning Service

  • (Faceplate/ Cover cleaning, Filter Net Cleaning, Middle Frame Cleaning, Outlet Part Cleaning, Louvre Cleaning, Evaporator Surface Cleaning, Fan Blower Cleaning, Base Cleaning, Gas Coolant Checking, Gas Refill up to 20psi, 30-day Workmanship Warranty)

Full Dismantling Indoor Unit and Chemical Cleaning of Indoor & Outdoor Unit

  • Disassemble Individual Parts of Indoor Unit.
  • Chemical Cleaning of Indoor & Outdoor Unit.
  • Water Drainage System Cleaning – Clearance of Clog (Flushing of Drainage Piping and Drain Pan)
  • Inspection and Health Check of Thermostats and Outdoor Compressor
  • Testing Electrical Parts Components
  • Lubricate Motor Parts
  • Heat Timing Calculation

Wall Mounted
1.0 – 1.5HP RM 190 / unit
2.0 – 2.5HP RM 270 / unit
3.0HP & above RM 300 / unit


Cassette / Ceiling
1.0 – 1.5HP RM 350 / unit
2.0HP RM 380 / unit
2.5HP RM 430 / unit
3.0HP RM 480 / unit



Benefit of a Clean Air Conditioner


Improve Air Quality
Reduce Airborne Allergens & Bacteria
Extending the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Increase Energy Efficiency


Minimize Breakdowns
Prevent Unexpected Repairing Cost
Save Time & Money In Long Terms

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