AC Water Leaking - 6 Common Reasons

Leaking air conditioners maybe a trouble in faraway than one: they cause a big difficulty in your home, and an air conditioner leaking water ordinarily means the unit has a hidden issue. There may be a difficulty with the drain line, evaporator coil, or filter that needs to be addressed urgently.

In this article, we examine the 5 most ordinary reasons for an air conditioner leaking water. First and foremost, learn either your air conditioner is leaking water or refrigerant, the latter of that will need an professional aircond expert technician to fix.

Reason #1 Drain Pan Full with Dust and Dirt

The most common reason for a leaking aircond system is a full drain pan. As the aircond cools down the warm air, it will generate condensation which is collected in a drain pan. The drain pan may overflow when the air is wet, and there is increased condensation collected in the pan. This overflow will lead to your AC unit water leaking.

Reason #2 Clogged AC Drainage Pipe

Another common reason for a leaking air conditioning system is a clogged drainage pipe. The drainage pipe can be restricted by dust and dirt, that will cause the condensation to move backward into the AC unit. You will need to manually clean the drainage pipe to solve the problem.

Reason #3 Failure of Water Pump

On the other hand, you may have a broken water pump that fail to pump the condensate water out of the aircond unit. Thus, it will lead to the water leaking into your home through the indoor unit as the water has nowhere else to flow out. In this case, you might need to replace the water pump.

Reason #4 Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters can lead to various problems for your AC unit, and leaking water is only one of them. A dirty filter can cause the appliance to freeze up and leak water as the ice melts. The dust on the filter can pass through the drainage pipe as well, and cause clogs that would allow the water to back up into your air conditioner.

You may take the filter out and clean it frequently. You might need to use a soft brush to gently scrub the mesh of air filter. Then placing it back into the AC unit after the filter dry.

Reason #5 Frozen Evaporator Coil

Like a dirty filter, a filthy evaporator coil will cause the air conditioner parts to freeze, which will cause water leaks as the ice melts. An air conditioner leaking water is a sign of a frozen inside your aircond, especially when the unit leaks as it is shut off. You will need to let the ice melt before cleaning the evaporator coil to avoid further damage.

Reason #6 Aircond Refrigerant / Gas Leaking

Occasionally, the water leaking out from your AC isn't water, but refrigerant/gas. If you notice a bubbling noise along with a small leak that may or may not have iced up, then you most likely have refrigerant leaks.

Please contact with professional aircond technician directly if you suspect your AC unit is leaking refrigerant. As touching or inhaling the refrigerant may irritate your skin and lungs. Besides, avoid staying in the same room as a liquid or gas refrigerant leak, and turn off the air conditioner immediately if you suspect a refrigerant leak.

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