Top 5 Air Conditioner Brands In Malaysia 2022

You may not have heard of some of these best aircon brands in Malaysia!

Note: Not listed in any particular order.

1. Hitachi

Hitachi Cooling & Heating air conditioners create indoor environments that are comfortable and efficient all year round.

Hitachi makes all sorts of appliances. And their air conditioners range from 1HP to 3HP!

2. Panasonic

We’re sure you’ve seen the advertisements! Their nanoe™ Technology supposedly purifies the air too!

AC Reliability and Durability

3. Daikin

Daikin Malaysia provides World No. 1 air conditioner units, air purifiers, air curtain, home central air conditioning.
The best Air Specialist in the world.

Daikin specializes in air conditioners and air purifiers that are energy-efficient and ozone-friendly!

4. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi doesn’t just stick to cars! They already have several series for their inverter and non inverter air conditioners!

5. Acson

Acson’s parent company is none other than Daikin (since 2006).
Although Acson has been around since 1984! It was actually the first air conditioner company in Malaysia.


01 Sep 2022